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Workshop & Meeting Presentations


UC Cooperative Extension hosted a workshop on school gardens in May, 2013 in Redding.  Here's the presentation on Design Elements.

  School Garden Design Elements

In March 2014, we presented a timely workshop on Waterwise Landscaping: Designing a Drought-tolerant and Deer-Resistant Garden.  Enjoy Marilyn McEvoy's information presentation on Waterwise Landscape Principles and Julia Baldwin's presentation on   Designing Water-Wise Gardens .

Trinity County Master Gardeners presented a workshop on Vertical Vegetable Gardening on May 10, 2014.

Did you miss our workshop on Fall Bulbs in November, 2015?  Here's the presentation  Fall Bulbs .  More information is contained in the Bulb Planting Schedule .

July is the time to think about planting a summer cover crop.  Check out the presentation from our 2016 workshop on Cover Crops & Green Manures and handouts on  Intro to Cover Crops and the  Cover Crop Selection Guide .


Meeting Presentations, Handouts & Follow-up

August 2013

At the August Master Gardener meeting, Carol Fall gave a presentation on Fire Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes.  Fire Resistant Landscaping   We also added a new informational binder to the Master Gardener reference library.

October 2013 Presentation Handout: Starting a Community Garden .  If you'd like to sign up for an electronic version of  the IPM News, click here and then click "sign up" to send them your email address. 

April 2014 The topic this month was "Gardening in a Drought".  How did you do on our "clicker" quiz?  Here's the GraywaterSystemGuidelines  from Mendocino County for those of you interested in a Laundry to Landscape Greywater system.

June 2014 This month we did an Entomology Review .  Remember to take advantage of the pest Quick Tip cards, Pest Notes and great website www.ipm.ucdavis.edu as you're trying to help people figure out their "bug".

July 2014 Our booth at the Trinity County Fair in August will help people learn  What Should I do in my Fall Garden .  This is a review of the topic to help you answer questions at the booth.

January 2015 Are you wondering if this is the right time to prune your landscape shrubs?  Check out the recommended schedule for Pruning Shrubs  and How to Properly Prune Deciduous Shrubs .

September 2015 After all the wildfires this season, we've put together a handout "Will Aerially-applied Fire Retardants Hurt my Plants".    Fire retardants

October 2015 The program this month provided information on "Biochar: What is it and why do Master Gardeners Care?" biochar

November 2015 For the adventurous Trinity gardener, we challenged them to add Figs and Persimmons to their fruit orchard.  Check out  Can I really grow these in Trinity .  

January 2016 For those of you who are Gardening with Pets , we have information from UC Davis Vet Med and ASPCA on potentially toxic plants.

April 2016 We've been wondering about Hugelkultur and whether it would work in our forested but dry climate.

June 2016 As the warm days of summer kick in, this is the time to think about  Soil Solarization as a way to control nasty weeds.  

October 2016 As winter breathes down our necks, it's cheering to think about  Lovely Lavenders .

January 2017 What is Organic explores some of the questions about organic certification and what it means to grow an organic garden.

March 2017 Invasives MG Adv Workshop 2016

April 2017 As we look forward to spring planting, consider Edible Landscaping Short as a way to combine form and function by incorporating edible plants into your landscape

May 2017 As our native ceonothus bloom this spring, we learn about varieties and maintenance of introduced and native Lilacs .

July 2017 We've had lots of questions about poison hemlock and other toxic pasture plants.  Learn what can affect your horses, cattle, sheep and goats in the UC Publication  Livestock Poisoning Plants of California.  In addition, we identified specific  Livestock Poisoning Plants in Trinity .

October 2017 Time to learn about  Beneficial Insects

January 2018 In 2018, we'll be demonstrating  Straw Bale Gardening at the Young Family Ranch Youth Garden.  We appreciated this Straw Bale handout from the Sacramento Master Gardeners.

February 2018 As faint glimmers of spring appear, we considered  Bird-Friendly Native Plants and learned about  Bird Feeder Basics from Pat Frost, Natural History Instructor at Shasta Community College.

March 2018 Even seniors or those with disabilities can garden using  Adaptive Gardening .  A good resource is  Gardening for Life from Washington State University.