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2020 Master Gardener Training Material

Independent Projects

These are the reference materials for 2 Independent Projects.  You only need to pick 1 of these projects.  See the email for further instructions on what is required for each project.  Your report is due by April 25th (emailed or postmarked).


Pollinators 2020

Pollinators - pdf for printing


Bee garden list of plants

Butterfly Bath

Flowers for Pollinators

Houseplants & Succulents

Succulents Simplified

Propagatesucculents from leaf cuttings

Succulent patio pot renovation

Houseplant & Succulent Quiz

Poisonous Plants

Livestock Poisoning Plants in Trinity

Livestock Poisoning Plants of California

Gardening with Pets

Gardening with Pets - Design & Toxic plants

Gardening with Pets - toxic plants