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The University of California Cooperative Extension forestry program provides research-based solutions to natural resource related problems through applied research, publications, meetings, conferences, workshops, demonstrations, field days, video programs, newsletters, and facilitation. We extend university resources and information to local communities, and communicate the needs of local communities for forest research and outreach back to University of California researchers and administration. County-based academics called "advisors" are located in forested communities and focus on delivering science based programs to serve local needs.

The Forest Stewardship Program is an education and outreach program for the 300,000 family forest landowners in California who own and manage a forest area equal to that of the forest products industry (3.5 million acres).  One- and two-day workshops and multi-week courses are offered throughout the state.

Protecting your home from wildfire and fire safe home workshops provide homeowners in the wildland-urban interface information about fuels treatments, landscaping, and structure protection from wildfire.

Forestry Institute for Teachers brings K-12 teachers from throughout California to Shasta County for a week-long crash course in forest ecology and management. The teachers develop curriculum for their students in other communities far removed from- but heavily dependent upon- water, air, and products derived from forests.