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CalFresh Healthy Living


The CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California Cooperative Extension program consists of adult, family-centered and youth components. Our staff delivers research evidence based lessons to youth and adults that are centered around improving diet and nutrition related skills. 

Our program collaborates with  partners to address local nutrition and health problems. Some of the key partners include SNAP-Ed Shasta, Growing Local Coalition, Healthy Shasta Movement, Shasta County Grower's Association, and the cities of Redding and Anderson, among many others.

Our program efforts provide essential knowledge and skills that will increase the consumption of healthy foods and beverages, increase food resource management and food security, and promote and support access to physical activity which will lead to healthy lifestyles. Some of our events and activities include:

  • Local Farmer's Market
  • Educational booths and participation in school events including: Parent Club Meetings, Fall Festivals, Health Fairs, Open Houses
  • Educational booths and participation in community events including: STEM Conferences, Farm City Day, Multicultural Health Fairs, Dr. Seuss Day 

The Trinity County CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California Cooperative Extension Program is part of the "Shasta Cluster" consisting of Shasta, Tehama and Trinity Counties. 


Shasta Cluster


For more information, contact information and resources please visit our Home Page: CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California - Shasta Cluster 


Program Supervisors


Shawnice Fisher (Shasta, Tehama & Trinity Counties)

Title: CES Supervisor II

Address: 2030 Hartnell Ave. Suite A. Redding, Ca 96002

Phone: (530) 224-4367

Email: snfisher@ucanr.edu









Chanelle Vincelli (Shasta, Tehama & Trinity Counties)

Title: Supervisor I

Address: 2030 Hartnell Ave. Suite A Redding, Ca 96002

Phone: (530) 224-4354

Email: cnvincelli@ucanr.edu

Trinity County Educators


Title: Community Education Specialist II

Address: 260 Oregon Street Weaverville, Ca 96093

Phone: (530) 623-3746