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Sudden Oak Death Information

Sudden Oak Death is caused by a non-native plant pathogen.  It was recently found in the southwestern portion of Trinity County.  This plant disease has the potential to cause significant oak mortality, with associated changes in our forest ecosystem and increased wildfire risk. 

You can help prevent the spread of this disease, which is dispersed through plant materials, soil, nursery plants and forest products.  There are many host plants in our area which are not killed by the disease, but which serve as a source of infection.

An informative workshop was held on March 6, 2015. Click here to watch the presentation 

Video Presentation

For more information, check out www.suddenoakdeath.org, the University of California for Humboldt County's website on Sudden Oak Death, or take a look at this handout prepared by Yana Valachovic and Ryan DeSantis.